Coyotes are Out & About in the Sylmar Foothills

Small pet animals — cats and dogs especially — can be tasty morsels for the wild coyotes roaming our foothills. You can hear them at midnight yipping their song. When a pack roams, they often sing together, creating a scary, blood curdling sound that even brave, curious humans should stay away from.

Several times this week in the early morning hours (1 to 2 a.m.), I’ve heard coyotes above in the Sylmar foothills. They are hunting. They are hungry. Their natural prey got burned out in the last big fires. So, be careful and as wary of them as they are of you. They usually run away when humans are near, but hunger does strange things to wild creatures, like making them bolder.

In fact, I’ve seen a bold mama loping along many hours after dawn, and I have also seen her at 2 in the afternoon. Trash collection days may bring the coyotes out, the sweet smell of garbage wafting irresistibly in the near-springtime air. They are scavengers, after all.

Learn more about co-existing with coyotes in the urban landscape:

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