Open Houses Reveal a Change in the Housing Market in Sylmar and the San Fernando Valley

If you have visited an open house recently in Sylmar or most areas of the San Fernando Valley, then you know that a lot of home buyers are out there looking for their first home or next home.

Sometimes open houses are so busy with people that real estate agents are not able to say hello to everyone, which is a big change from last year. That is definitely a sign that times have changed in the housing market in Sylmar and the San Fernando Valley.

If you are a visitor to an open house, please follow some basic etiquette:

– Say hello to the agent, even if you are with your Realtor

– Complete the registration card or guest register truthfully

– Be polite to other visitors and keep your children under control

– Don’t ask to use the toilet

– Realize that the agent at the open house is there to assist you

This last point is often misunderstood by visitors. Sometimes people are rude and feel the open house agent is there to intrude on their privacy. In reality, the agent knows you came to the open house for a reason (why else would you spend part of your Sunday afternoon looking around in someone else’s house?). So, please respect the fact that the agent is just trying to make a living with his or her unique knowledge of the real estate market.

For tips on how to use open houses to your advantage, please call me at 818-970-1286.

— Jacky Walker

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