Buy Low, Sell High: How Investors are Keeping Capitalism Alive in America

Glad to see that real estate investors are getting the recognition they deserve in helping pull the nation out of the housing recession. I was just talking about this with my husband the other day; how real estate investors are keeping capitalism alive in America and leading us out of recession house by house.

Check out this report by ABC News’ Nightline: Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors typically buy up distressed homes from banks at low prices, fix them up, and convert them to rental properties or sell them at a profit. Sometimes they pay cash, sometimes they are able to leverage loans. Either way, real estate investors are actually helping drive the economy through their entrepreneurial spirit.

Buy low, sell high. Supply and demand. The American Way.

Experts are now telling us that the worst is behind us in terms of free-falling home prices, although foreclosures are still forthcoming. Here in Sylmar and the San Fernando Valley we’ve seen a significant change downward in the number of homes that are available for sale, and a significant upward count of buyers wanting to take advantage of the $8,000 first time home buyers credit offered by the Federal government.

In a normal economy, this condition would be considered a seller’s market.

Movement must occur for the economy to stabilize and the recovery to accelerate. Like traditional real estate investors, you can do your part for the recovery: Buy or sell a house!

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